Derived from EUDS CONSULTORIA, founded in 1995, the law firm EUDS FURTADO ADVOGADOS ASSOCIADOS started to carry out business as a law firm in 2002 and its actions are recorded with the Brazilian Bar Association/ Rio de Janeiro Branch (OAB/RJ) under number 013.329/2002.

We specialize in Corporate and Regulatory Law. Our work is mainly directed to the practice in ratifying and sanctioning administrative processes in the  corporate and administrative litigation areas with the Central Bank of Brazil (BCB), the Superintendence of Private Insurance (SUSEP), the Securities Commission (CVM), the National Health Agency (ANS) and the National Superintendence of Pension Funds (PREVIC).

Our team is experienced and thoroughly trained, and always encouraged to grow and continuously study. With the work developed as a team and always with the participation of at least one Partner, we reached a high technical level, which is evidenced by our high success rates in the litigation area, which are much higher than those presented by the market, as well as by the significant reduction of time to complete the ratifying proceedings carried on by the firm with the inspecting bodies. We further count with a  legal back office area that advises clients with regard to several bureaucratic routines with  the inspecting bodies.

Due to the specialty of the Law Firm and the quality of services provided, we were awarded the 2006 Quality Award, which is provided to the most significant companies in the insurance industry. The Law firm also stands, since 2007, in the Editorial Análise-Revista "Os mais admirados do Direito" based on a research carried out with major companies, being this magazine deemed one of the main parameters for evaluating the quality of the provision of legal services in Brazil.


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